2016 || Warehouse || Frankfurt

| Concept, Design, Planning : keinStil.  Boris Banozic Franziska Braunbeck

| Construction Planning , Production: keinStil. |

| Movie Production: Sebastian Jalsovec

Client: Formwerke

The Formwerke co-working hub, situated in the historic Bolongaro palace‘s former tobacco warehouse in Frankfurt/Hoechst, is the studio‘s first collaborative project. The partners remodelled the space to generate flexible office areas, a wood workshop and plenty of space for creativity. All former interior fixtures were removed, reveiling the building‘s raw sandstone walls which are typical for the region and the building‘s construction period of the late 18th century. The exposed masonry creates a strong contrast to the new puristic installations. Rotating walls enhance both the energy and the spatial concept: the boxes can be fully closed to keep heat in and noise out – and fully opened to expand the open collective space for variable work situations or common exhibitions and events. With integrated book-shelves on one side and white exhibition walls on the other, the rotating walls are the core of the multifunctional design.

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